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Awards for IRL scientists

IRL Principal Scientists, Drs Gary Evans and Jeff Tallon were recognised by the Royal Society of New Zealand at its annual awards evening last night to celebrate this country’s top researchers.

Dr Evans was awarded the MacDiarmid Medal for outstanding scientific research that demonstrates the potential for application to human benefit for his world-leading research in synthetic organic chemistry.
In its citation the Royal Society noted Dr Evans’ international standing in the field of organic synthetic chemistry and contribution to the design and synthesis of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of major diseases.
Dr Tallon was awarded the Dan Walls Medal for the working physicist who over the last ten years or more is deemed to have made the greatest impact, both nationally and internationally, in his or her field of research.
His citation described him as an outstanding physicist who enjoys tremendous respect on the world stage and whose research has revealed fundamental insights that have greatly deepened the understanding of High Temperature Superconductors (HTS), and have also been instrumental in the formation of a high-tech HTS industry in New Zealand.
Visit the Royal Society of New Zealand's webpage for more information on the awards.

Release Date: 
17 November, 2011