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Flux pinning by barium stannate nanoparticles in MOD YBCO coated conductors

TitleFlux pinning by barium stannate nanoparticles in MOD YBCO coated conductors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsStrickland, N. M., Talantsev E. F., Xia J. A., Long N. J., Rupich M. W., Li X., and Zhang W.
JournalIEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
KeywordsAngle dependence, barium, Barium stannate, Barium zirconate, Critical current density (superconductivity), Flux pinning, Low level, Metal organic deposition, MOD-YBCO, Nanoparticle addition, Nanoparticles, Point defects, Precursor solutions, RABiTS substrates, Superconducting films, Superconductivity, tin, Transmission electron microscopy, Transport critical current, X- Ray diffraction, YBCO film, Yttrium barium copper oxides
Abstract Tin-based nanoparticles, proposed to be barium stannate, have been formed in YBCO[?] films fabricated by metal-organic deposition, through modification of the precursor solution. These randomly-oriented 30-50 nm particles are dispersed throughout the film thickness, providing an enhancement in the isotropic flux pinning relative to undoped YBCO. For a low level of nanoparticle addition of 2 vol%, a flux-pinning force enhancement of up to 32% is achieved. We report field and field-angle dependence of the transport critical current, transmission electron microscopy, and x-ray diffraction of our YBCO films on RABiTS substrates, and compare with similar barium zirconate additions. © 2009 IEEE.