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Nano and Microfluidics team

Our nine strong research team is developing world-class scientific capability focusing on nanotechnology, microfluidics and quantum dots.

Nano and microfluidic devices will provide cheaper, smaller, more sensitive and/or rapid methods for detecting target microbial and viral pathogens, pesticides, antioxidants and proteins than the existing best of breed technologies. Our scientific and technological methods combine the use of quantum dots, nanofabricated pores, microfluidics, mathematical modelling, imaging and materials science to verify this. We have strong links with other research groups and undertake collaborative work both locally and internationally with research organisations and nanotechnology companies.

 Our capabilities include:

  • nanotechnology
  • microfluidics
  • quantum dots
  • microfluidic modelling
  • microfluidic device construction
  • surface films
  • nanofluidics and bionano.